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The Marby - A wonderful site dedicated to the history of the USS Marblehead.

Naval History - A short history of the Marblehead.

Royal Netherlands Navy Warships of World War II - Learn about the Dutch ships involved in the battle.

Marblehead Magazine - Story entitled "U.S.S. Marblehead:  Escape From the Jaws of Death".

Interview With Raymond Kester - An interview with a member of the crew of the USS Marblehead detailing his experiences, including information regarding the battle. Other Interviews here.

National Museum of the Pacific War - An entire museum dedicated to the Pacific Theater.  They also take artifacts that you may have from the war.  In case you were wondering where to give your old memorabilia, this would be a good place to investigate.

U.S. Navy Nurse Oral History - An oral history of a nurse that worked with Dr. Wassell.

USS Houston CA-30 - The Galloping Ghost of the Java Coast.  Dedicated exclusively to the USS Houston.

Imperial Japanese Navy Page - Information regarding the Imperial Japanese Navy during World War II.

Department of the Navy - Naval Historical Center - Library of selected images of the USS Marblehead, including damage photos.

Prisoners of War - A section of the book Prisoners of War discussing issues surrounding Allies and civilians held in Japanese POW camps.

Home of Heroes - Preserving the history of recipients of the Medal of Honor.

MS Abbekerk - The story of a Dutch freighter during the World War II.

USS Neshoba - Lt. Drury, a damage control officer on the Marblehead, later became Captain of the USS Neshoba.  He earned the Navy Cross for his actions aboard the Marblehead.

Student Recommended

Encoded Communications of World War II
During warfare, one of the key aspects of communications is the ability to transmit messages within the military and allies in utter secrecy and security...
-Suggested by the kids at My History Club- Wyoming.

Important People of World War II - 16 people who stand out for their influence on the history of World War II.
-Suggested by Sarah Tanner, Washington (Thanks Mr. Bill)


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