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If you are looking for the name of a crew member of the USS Marblehead who is not listed here, please visit this link. It has a complete list of sailors.

These are the sailors that Dr. Wassell evacuated across Java and who were portrayed in the movie The Story of Dr. Wassell.

  William N. Anderson, SM2c, USS Marblehead, Byesville, OH

  Thomas Borghetti, Jr., FC1c, USS Houston, Dequion, IL

  Melvin Russell Francis, S2c, USS Marblehead, Boise, ID

  William Bernard Goggins, Cmdr, USS Marblehead (Executive Officer)

  Pao San Ho, MA2c, USS Marblehead

  Benjamin Grover Hopkins, Jr., S1c, USS Marblehead, Plattsmouth, NE

  Robert Ambrose Kraus, Cox, USS Houston, Fond du Lac, WI

  Joseph Rudolph Leinweber, S2c, USS Marblehead, West Lawn, PA

  William Aurnee McCurdy, S2c, USS Marblehead, Marengo County, Alabama

  Robert Elroy Whaley, EM2c, USS Houston, Los Angeles, CA

These are the other sailors who were wounded on the USS Marblehead, treated at hospitals in Java and evacuated.

  Marion Edgar Andrew, F1c

  Keith Clark Anstine, F2c

  Gerald Thomas Auxier, MM2c

  Joseph William Howard Bell, F1c

  David Samuel Brandt, S1c

  Frank Addison Brown, CWT

  Eris Earnest Buchanan, F1c

  Z L Butler , Cox

  Herman Lansing Carpenter, SC3c

  Robert Allan Carver, Jr., MM2c

  Donald Ellsworth Chariton , MM2c

  Henry DeWaine Christensen, CMM

  Robert Harris Clark, F1c

  Harry Clifford Clephane , S1c

  Charles Hamond Coburn, Jr., Ens.

  Leo Ethan Conklin, Jr., S1c

  George Albert Corbitt , S1c (Died from wounds February 10, 1942)

  Raymond Michael Dahlmeir, MM2c

  Arthur Archibald Goodhue, Lt.

  Paul Hilton Ham, S1c

  William Riley Henderson, B3c

  Howard Lawrence Hoff, WT2c

  Harold Leroy Hunter, MM2c

  Walter George Joyner, F2c

  Tracy Gerald Kihl, SC2c

  Kenneth Melburn Knisley, CWT (Died from wounds February 6, 1942)

  Maurice Flourney Mahone, S2c

  LeMoine Francis Marsh, B3c

  Douglas Albert Murch, SM1c

  D V Nicholson, F1c

  Charles Wesley Noble, Jr., F2c

  Donald Edward O'Shay, WT1c

  John Alfred Paden, MM2c

  Francis Neilsen Pedersen, F3c

  John DeWitt Poe, Jr., SK1c

  Eddie Reagan, MS1c

  George Hiram Rogers, CMM

  Raymond Victor Rouisee, SK3c

  Oscar Magnus Rudie, MM2c

  Thamer Elmo Spainhour, S1c

  Standley Cramer Stratton, HA1c

  Billie Tsu, MA2c

  Lester Alvin Valder, S1c

  Edgar Frank Warden, S1c

  Sun Ki Yih, MA2c

These are the sailors that were wounded on the USS Marblehead and later died prior to receiving medical treatment on Java.

  Edward Martin Blessman, Lt.

  George Washington Buckendorf, C.W.T.

  David William Hodges , S.K.2c.

  John Robert Kleyn, C.M.M.

  Albert Gene Mele, Sea.1c.

  Sing Fa Ping, Offc.Ck.3c.

  George Robert Rankert, Q.M.3c.

  Ping Tseng, M.Att.1c.

  Shao Ching Yao, M.Att.1c.

Two others died of wounds that are attributed to the Marblehead.

  Stanley Wayne Knipp, SC2c, USN (Died February 7, 1942)

  Kenneth Melburn Knisley, CWT(AA), USN (Tranferred to Dutch Army Hospital, Tjilatjap, Java,  died February 6, 1942)

These are the sailors who were wounded in action and stayed with the USS Marblehead.

  Harvey Martin Anderson, Ch.Boatswain

  James Walter Burch, RM3c

  Lt.(jg) Wilson Hout Cranford, USNA38

  Waldo Halley Croner, CY(PA)

  Roy Lester Deathrage, S1c

  Archie Charles Evans, CPhM(PA)

  Beaufort Grant Gabriel, Y1c

  Edward Daniel Giese, Jr., GM3c

  Edwin John Kraska, S1c

  Edward John Lane, S1c

  William Benjamin McGraw, CWT(AA)

  Donald Wallace McVicker, S2c

  Homer Martin Percifield, CBM

  Miles Polmantier, Jr., CPhM(PA)

  Shirley Martin Sampson, CM2c

  Floyd Sebastian, CWT(PA)

  Lt.Cdr. Morris J. Smellow, USN

  Edward Michael Smith, WT2c

  Albert Dwight Stebbins, WT2c

  John Wendell Theobald , Cox

  Cdr. Nicholas Bauer Van Bergen, USNA21

  John Joseph Wohlschlaeger, Y1c

These are the sailors who were present on the USS Marblehead during the attack.

  Carroll Lee Albright

  John Morris Anglin        [additional pictures]

  Louis Alphonso Cahoon, Jr.

  William Russell Carmichael, RM3c

  Dallas Paige Egelston

  John C. Harrison

  Jack Wilbur Penhollow, SM3c.  (Appeared in the movie The Story of Dr. Wassell.)

  A. L. Sherrer, SS2c.

If you are one of those evacuated by Dr. Wassell, a sailor aboard the USS Marblehead during the battle, or have information regarding any of the other sailors please contact the Webmaster.

If you are looking for the name of another crew member of the USS Marblehead who is not listed here, please visit The Marby Web site.  They have a complete list of sailors.

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